Sunday, 16 November 2014

Look at us! We're vermin!

My heart is heavy.

We have 62 votes in Seabird of the Year - that's 62 votes too many.

Haven't you humans given us too much already?

You've cleared vast swathes of land for us.

You've fed us bountiful streams of rubbish!

And we - I am so sorry to say - have taken full advantage.

With our vicious and gluttonous ways we have overrun the land.

So don't vote for us black-BACKED gulls!

Vote instead for those poor little black-BILLED gulls!

The black-bills don't scavenge like us. They haven't been able to exploit the changes you humans have wrought upon the landscape.

Instead their numbers have dwindled until they are now the most endangered gull in the WHOLE world.

So I say again:

We have land-fill - so VOTE for BLACK-BILL!

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